Pest Types

Below you will find some information about the basic types of pests you are likely to encounter and for which we have pest control solutions.


Rats are known to carry certain diseases such as Weils, Salmonella and rat bite fever. The bacteria can enter the body through cuts in the skin and also through contact with contaminated water. Rats are primarily nocturnal but may be active during daylight hours when the population is high. Rats can be difficult to remove from properties and due to the speed at which they can cause damage we recommend to consider professional pest control to remove rats and prevent future problems.


Mice breed even more rapidly than rats. Each female can have between 4 and 16 young each time and up to 10 litters per year. Their reproduction in theory could produce nearly 2000 offspring in a year from a breeding pair. Mice are responsible for leaving droppings which are harmful to humans and can be responsible for the spread of salmonella. It is essential therefore to disinfect the area if you are suspicious about having an infestation of mice in your home or workplace.


Although ants are not known to carry disease they can cause damage to property by tunneling or burrowing. They can cause cross contamination of food by walking across areas which can be infected.


Pigeons cause disease and damage to property. Pigeon droppings accelerate aging of buildings and are responsible for slips and falls. Pigeons can carry cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, salmonella, food poisoning and more. Other pests such as lice, fleas, mites abd other pests can live on pigeons. We offer a competitive price for pigeon pest control and will give you advice on future prevention.


Wasp nests can be a danger to humans as they sting and in swarm can have very serious consequences. Those allergic to wasp stings are particularly vulnerable to anaphylactic shock. Prudent pest control can safely remove wasp nests and provide advice for future prevention.


There are two types of cockroaches in Ireland (Germand & Pharoah). If they are appearing during daylight hours this can mean an excessively heavy infestation. They are capable of living for up to a month without food.

They eat and contaminate human food. Foraging or feeding cockroaches spread human disease on our food and other household items.


Fleas can be particularly difficult to remove from the home once they have inhabited your space. Their bites cause skin irritation to pets and humans alike. Once found in the home you should treat both the source (often a pet) and your home to completely remove them.


Worldwide people have been known to die from diseases from flies, such as Salmonella, food poisoning, diarrhea and dysentery. As a result of this people should keep foodstuffs covered when flies are about because of the risk of contamination.


Moths have been known to cause costly damage to interiors of your home – including carpets and clothing if left undetected or untreated. It is highly unlikely that any household product bought over the counter will successfully cure this type of outbreak. It would be advisable to engage the services of a trained professional pest control technician to remove moths.

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